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rain2shine did this renovation for a couple in Texas with big dreams of full-time RV life.  We helped them secure this 2006 32 ft. KZ Durango 5th wheel from a seller in NC before transforming it into this sleek and colorful tiny home. After gutting nearly all of the camper--removing the second bathroom, getting rid of furniture and almost all of the cabinetry (except the lower kitchen storage, bedroom dresser and bathroom vanity), rain2shine came up with a general layout and design based on the client's lifestyle and preferred aesthetics--remote workers with 2 pets (a dog and a cat), that love to hike.  rain2shine ventures started this project by repairing the back wall and minor water damage before painting and installing LVP flooring.  From there, we updated the camper with new backsplash, new light fixtures throughout, touches of wallpaper and various elements of decor.   Among the clients' wishlist was a fireplace and a washing machine.  rain2shine was able to install the fireplace at the bottom of their entry wall where there once was an old, bulky entertainment center.  We also built a custom cabinet to fit the washer and the breaker box that we moved underneath.  Additionally, we built and installed slat walls by the entry and above the custom-built washer cabinet.  We also built a box to cover the stink pipe running behind the bathroom, in the corner of the entry wall--making it look similar to a chimney above the fireplace.



Cricket Materials List Anchor


rain2shine uses affiliate links on this site and receives a small commission on qualifying purchases


Walls:  Sherwin Williams 9581 Cotton in Satin (Superpaint)

Cabinetry:  Sherwin Williams 6474 Raging Sea in Semi-Gloss (Proclassic)


Bathroom Vanity: Wayfair


Lifeproof Dusk Cherry LVP: Home Depot


Kitchen:  Amazon

Entry Above Sink: Amazon

Main Cabin Hall: Amazon

Desk: Amazon

Mudroom: Amazon

Bed: Amazon

Bathroom: Amazon

Dresser: Amazon

Faux Wood Puck Lights: Amazon


Couch:  Amazon

Coffee Table: Amazon

Throw Blanket: Amazon

Yellow Decorative Pillow: Amazon

Wooden Bowl: Amazon

Candle Set: Amazon

Black/Beige Starburst Rug: Amazon

Coral Lumbar Pillow: Amazon

Framed Picture: Amazon


Backsplash:  Wayfair

Wooden Shelves: Bed Bath & Beyond

Faucet: Amazon 

Black Bowls: Amazon

Green Mugs: Amazon

Black Mugs: Amazon

Water Filtration System: Amazon

Soap Dispensers: Amazon

Hand Towel: Amazon

Appliance Epoxy Spray:  Amazon


Bistro Table & Chairs: Amazon

Lumbar Pillows: Amazon

Vase with Faces: Amazon

Black Arch Vase: Amazon

White Candle: Amazon


Comforter Set: Amazon

Blanket: Amazon

Boho Sun Pillow: Amazon

Black Square Pillows: Amazon

Coral Square Pillows: Amazon

Coral Lumbar Pillow: Amazon

World Map Metal Wall Art: Amazon 

Bamboo Headboard: Amazon

Nightstand Moon Vase: Amazon

Dresser Candles: Amazon

Dresser Eucalyptus: Amazon

Black Bubble Vase: Amazon

White Face Vase: Amazon

Decorative Books: Amazon

Orange Ranunculus Flowers: Amazon

Wander Quote Wall Art: Amazon

Dresser Wall Art: Amazon


Closet Dresser: Amazon

Clothing Rack: Amazon

Teal Velvet Coat Hanger: Amazon

Green Table Lamp: Amazon

Succulent Planter:  Amazon

Faux Plants: Amazon


Desk:  Amazon

Chair:  Amazon

Matisse Prints:  Amazon

Wall Vases:  Amazon

Desk Light:  Amazon

Plant Stand: Amazon

Olive Tree: Amazon

Bonsai Tree: Amazon

Clock:  Amazon

Black Eucalyptus:  Amazon


Bench: Amazon

Storage Cabinet: Amazon

Coat Rack: Amazon

Washing Machine: Amazon

Multicolored Vases:  Amazon

Moon Phase Hanging Art: Amazon

Brown Glass Vase: Amazon

Pampas Grass: Amazon

Seagrass Basket: Amazon

Black Metal Wall Art: Amazon


Wooden Shelves: Amazon

Fireplace: Amazon

Candles: Amazon

Black Vase: Amazon

Succulent Planters:  Amazon

Wooden Arches: Amazon

"Success" Books: Amazon

Happiness Books: Amazon

Abstract Canvas: Amazon

Faux Plants: Amazon


Sink: Amazon

Vanity Swan Faucet:  Amazon

Shower Head:  Amazon

Shower Head Holder: Amazon

Shower Handle: Amazon

Mirror:  Amazon

Towel Bar:  Amazon

Towel Hook: Amazon

Bathroom Door Handles: Amazon

Toilet Paper Holder: Amazon

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