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rain2shine custom-built this 2022 Mercedes Sprinter van for a couple wanting to fulfill their retirement dreams. A classic but fun space, this Mercedes is our most robust van conversion to date. Featuring a wood and marble kitchen backsplash and a geometric shower tile. Athena has a pull-out toilet, hidden in a bench that slides into the shower when needed. With an impressive electric setup utilizing a Victron system, it also includes copper tubing throughout for a heated floor. Athena is temperature regulated by a 12 volt Nomadic A/C and a diesel powered heater. The kitchen features a UV purifying water filtration system and a pop-up outlet for their portable stovetop . For lighting, we used strip lights around the perimeter of the entire van and under the lower cabinet. Additionally, rain2shine installed puck lights above the dining area, bed, corian countertop, a flush-mount geometric light above the sink and a waterproof ceiling light in the shower.  

This Sprinter Cargo Van is a 170-inch wheelbase model with a high roof. The overall height is 107.3 inches with a length of 274.3 inches and an overall width (including mirrors) of 92.3 inches. 



Mercedes Materials


rain2shine uses affiliate links on this site and receives a small commission on qualifying purchases


Ceiling, Trim, Walls: Sherwin Williams Color Match-White Mocha

Upper Cabinets: Sherwin Williams Match-White Veil; Semi-Gloss

Lower Cabinets: Sherwin Williams Match-Venus Teal; Semi-Gloss

Wallpaper: Teal and Gold Peacock


LVP: Home Depot


30 Amp Smartplug: etrailer

Tire Carrier: Owl Vans

Cargo Carrier: Owl Vans

Explored Side Ladder: Owl Vans

Side Steps with Tread Plate: Owl Vans

Hood Solar Panels: Cascadia

Terra Wagons Aero Hood Spoiler: Nomadic Supply Company

Terra Wagons mondo mudguard big tire kit:

Terra Wagons Fender Flares: Nomadic Supply Company

Baja Front Fog Lights: Baja Designs

Roof Rack with Light Bar: Backroad Renovations

Front Winch Compatible Bumper: Owl Vans

8-ton steel shackles: Owl Vans

Warn VR Evo 12-S Winch:  Agile Off Road 

Rear Bumper with Pathfinder Flush Mount Lights: BackWoods

Sliding Door Window: Nomadic Supply Company

Driver Side Front Window: Nomadic Supply Company

D/S rear window: Nomadic Supply Company

Rear Bump Outs: The Van Mart

Rear Bump Out Windows: The Van Mart

Weboost Mobile Signal Booster Kit: CamperVan HQ

Fiamma Awning: Nomadic Supply Company

Black Rhino Arsenal Wheels: Hoonigan

Van suspension package: Van Parts Warehouse

9 gallon grey tank (sink):  RecPro

19 gallon grey tank (shower):  Elkhart RV Parts

40 gallon fresh water tank:  Elkhart RV Parts


Sink: Wayfair

UV Water Filtration Purifier: Amazon

Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet: Amazon 

Portable Toilet: Nomadic Supply Company

Portable Stove: Amazon  

Mini Fridge/Freezer:  Rack Up+Go

Roof Vent/Fan: Amazon

Table Top: Amazon

AdjustableTable Leg: Amazon

Shower head: Amazon

Nautilus Shower Door: Amazon

Headliner shelf (storage above cab): Radius Outfitters

D/S & P/S cab seat swivels: Nomadic Supply Company

​Terrrawagen Interior Trim Kit (front & rear package): Nomadic Supply Company

Rear Cargo Door Interior Trim:  Van Land


Bed Frame & Bed Cushion


Bench Cushion

Battery Box


Toilet Frame and Pull-Out

Shower Pan

Pull-Out Step for Bed Entry

Systems' Access Doors

Victron System Installation

Bobil Van Heated Floor Installation

Bobil Van Heating System Installation


Energy: Victron + an additional battery

Solar Power Panels: Zamp Solar

AC: Nomadic Supply Company

40 Gallon Fresh Water Tank: Elk Hart RV Parts

Air Hybrid + Autoterm Diesel Heater Pack: Bobil Vans

Air Exchange: Bobil Vans

Underfloor Heating Kit: Bobil Vans


Geometric Boho Kitchen Pendant: Amazon

Shower Ceiling Lights: Amazon

Puck Lights: Amazon

Pop-Up Countertop Outlet: Amazon


Carolina Custom Surfaces: Corian, White Onyx


Shower Tile: Wayfair

Shower Grout:  Mapei, Silver

Kitchen Backsplash: Wayfair

Kitchen Backsplash Grout: Mapei, Biscuit

Tile Membrane:  MusselBound


Hinges: Amazon

Gold Hammered Sunrise Handles: Amazon

Gold Hammered Knobs: Amazon

Gold Hammered Drawer Pulls: Amazon

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides for Fridge & Toilet: Amazon

Toilet Paper Holder & Drawer: Amazon


Glasses/Tumblers: Amazon

Dishes: Amazon

Bowls: Amazon

White & Tan Boho Vase: Amazon

Votive Candleholder on Dining Table: Amazon

Peacock Pillow on Dining Bench: Amazon

Cream Pom Pom Pillow on Dining Bench: Amazon

Teal Mandala Wall Decor: Amazon

Gold Bird Duo: Amazon

Round Beaded Mirror: Amazon

Teal Ceramic Vase: Amazon

Pampas Flower Spread: Amazon

Agate Tea Light Candle Holder: Amazon

Gold Flameless Candle: Amazon

Lotus Candle Holder: Amazon

Geode Book Ends: Amazon

Faux Hydrangeas: Amazon

White Chrysanthemums: Amazon

Light Green Chrysanthemums: Amazon

Loose Green & White Flowers (on tray): Amazon

Blue Thistle Flowers: Amazon

Decorative Tray (on bed): Amazon

White & Gold Tea Set: Amazon

Rug/Mat: Amazon

Knitted Blanket: Amazon

Bedroom Wall Art: Amazon

Gold Bedroom Wall Frames: Amazon

Monaco/Boho Blue Pillow Set: Amazon

Monaco/Boho Cyan Pillow Set: Amazon

Gold and White Pillow Set: Amazon

Teal and Blue Pillow Set: Amazon

Teal Mandala Lumbar Pillow: Amazon

"Dream" Lumbar Pillow: Amazon

White & Cream Boho Lumbar Pillow: Amazon

Dog Bed: Amazon

Dog Bowl Set: Amazon

Sloth Stuffed Animal: Amazon

Dinosaur Stuffed Animal: Amazon

Dog Door Signs: Amazon 

Floral Dog Paw Stickers: Amazon

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