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Below is a step-by-step guide, from start to finish of the rain2shine process so you know exactly what to expect. 

What's it like working with rain2shine? 

Contact Us:

Fill out our online remodel/repair form here to give us all the details we need about your RV.

If you're still in the research phase, we can offer suggestions based on your needs. If you want help finding an RV, we can help you with that process for a fee. 

Phone Consultation:

We will follow-up within 2 business days for more details if needed and to set-up a phone consultation. 

Getting to Know You:

We typically request that you send us photos/links of your style/preferred aesthetic for your RV. Additionally, a prioritized list of your "must-haves"--spaces for children, pets, office, etc. and "wants"--layout, flooring, countertops, appliances, backsplash, window treatments, lighting, etc. 

In-Person Consultation:

An in-person consultation allows for a basic assessment of your RV. We are located in the High Point/Archdale area of North Carolina. The most economical option is to come to our shop for the consultation. For an additional charge, we can come to you. 

When necessary, we offer virtual consultations for those who are not local. 

A deposit is required for the consultation. 

Scope of Work/ Estimate:

After the consultation, a list of the work discussed will be made, along with an estimate of each project. This will allow you to see what's doable within your budget and if there are any adjustments you want to make before getting started. 

Contract & Deposit:

We require a signed contract and a good faith, non-refundable deposit to be added to our schedule and waitlist.  This will hold your place in line. The deposit will be used towards your project's materials. 


You will be billed bi-weekly. Invoices will note what materials have been purchased and the remaining balance of your deposit until it's exhausted. Invoices will be broken down into labor and materials. 

Change Orders:

We will contact you with any unexpected work that comes up (underlying issues--water damage, repairs, etc) with photos and provide a change order for the additional work. 

We also provide change orders for any added or altered work requested by the client. All change orders will reflect the new scope of work, as well as the estimated cost and expected time frame for the additional work. 

Reveal/ Pick-Up:

Upon completion and final payment for your project, the client is responsible for picking up their RV within 5 business days. We allow exceptions to this for people who live out-of-state. During pickup, we typically film our client's reaction to the transformation and put together a reveal video.

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