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Rain2shine derives from nicknames given to Owner, Alice Zealy and her sister by their parents as children.  Alice’s nickname is "Rainbow" and her younger sister, "Sunshine". 


In honor of her father that unexpectedly passed away in 2007, Alice combined both nicknames to become rain2shine. Her father was an extremely handy person with a knack for fixing almost anything. In December of 2022, Alice’s sister, Mary-Knox joined the rain2shine team and they both know he is looking down from heaven with a big smile seeing them joining forces on this venture.



As a full-time RV-er with decades of interior design experience, Alice is the heart and soul of rain2shine ventures. She brings passion and creativity to each project, prioritizing functionality and style.

Alice wears many hats at rain2shine. Not only is she running a profitable business, she designs every remodel, tackles the majority of the labor, and decorates to bring each client's vision to life. 


At an early age, Alice found a passion for interior design and architecture. She studied art and design from grade school through high school and while other girls were subscribing to Seventeen magazine, Alice was making inspiration boards from Architectural Digest Magazine.  While in high school, Alice attended “design camp” at North Carolina State prior to attending the university after graduation. Later, she furthered her education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a well-known school for their interior design program.


After a decade of putting her education to work in a variety of industries, including property management and retail, she embarked on her first business as a jewelry designer.  With several awards shows (Emmys, Golden Globes, and American Music Awards) in the books with her jewelry line,  it was time for a new adventure, the RV kind.  


The decision for a new adventure didn’t come on a whim. In fact, it was during her divorce in 2019, where she began to realize what was important to her and what she truly wanted in life. She knew the big house, full of “stuff” did not bring her happiness. This soul-searching led to a simplified life where she wouldn’t be tied down to a brick and mortar home. She wanted the ability to use her creativity and the flexibility to travel. The RV lifestyle seemed like the perfect solution.  Alice spent months hunting for the perfect camper for renovating to live in full-time. One winter morning in 2020, she found a 2003 Holiday Rambler Presidential 5th wheel with good bones and a great layout. She went to see it in-person and knew it was the one!


Once purchased, she began renovations quickly. Within a few months, her new tiny home on wheels was complete. Proud of her hard work, Alice shared before and after photos of her 5th wheel on social media. Before she knew it, she was quite the buzz within the RV community. People were reaching out to see if she could also work her magic on their recreational vehicles–vans, buses, c-classes, 5th wheels, you name it! And so, the business was born. Rain2shine ventures came to life through the near constant demand of folks wanting to update and personalize their campers. 


Alice’s first clients came in March 2021 and she has since tackled more than a dozen renovations for clients.  Her renovations have been featured in numerous publications and blogs as well as local News features. Alice’s eye for design and decor, and experience as a Full-Time RV-er set her apart from other RV renovators.  She thinks about functionality in a small space better than most and knows how to take her client’s ideas and style and turn each project into an aesthetically pleasing space that is functional, safe and unique!




Mary-Knox captures the hard work rain2shine puts into each RV project. Providing behind-the-scenes, progress/completion photos and client reveal videos for the website and social media. Additionally, she's responsible for the rain2shine website, invoicing, and office management. 

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