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Updated: Jun 11

Ask and you shall receive!

All of our favorite RV materials and decor from our RV projects in one spot!! Each image is a link for your convenience and we will continue to add our favorite materials to this list.


rain2shine exclusively uses Sherwin Williams for paint. However, sometimes we color match our paint to a piece of decor or fabric. For those, we cannot provide a link.

Sherwin Williams Paint | Interior Paint | Colorful Cabinetry | Bold Paint |. Interior Decor | Interior Design


rain2shine exclusively uses Sherwin Williams for paint. However, sometimes that requires color matching samples from other brands upon a client's request for a particular shade. For those, we cannot provide a link.


Handles, knobs, and pulls are a great way to add personality to a space.

Hardware | Knobs | Handles | Pulls | Cabinetry | Kitchen Aesthetic | Interior Styles


Light fixtures are unique in that they can either make a statement or they can subtly blend into a space. At rain2shine, we usually take the opportunity to make a statement.

Light Fixtures | Lighting | Ceiling Light | Pendant | Geometric Design | Vanity Light | Rustic | Bohemian


The flooring in this section includes tile and LVP. Oftentimes, we're asked about tile being too heavy for an RV. We typically put tile in small spaces, such as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Therefore, additional weight isn't a concern. LVP is great because it's easy to install and more durable when it comes to scratches, water, etc.

LVP | Waterproof | Faux Wood | Floor Tile | Oak | Bathroom Tile | Hickory |


rain2shine tends to use a similar style when it comes to faucets because mobility in a faucet is important in an RV. Typically, when manufacturers stamp out new RVs, they use smaller sinks and very basic faucets. We like to upgrade sink size and faucet function.

Kitchen Faucet | Pull Down Sprayer | Stainless Steel | Adjustable Faucet


Tile/Backsplash is a great way to compliment paint colors on cabinets OR add color to an otherwise neutral space.

Geometric Backsplash | Subway Tile | Natural | Bright | Marble | Peel and Stick


Wallpaper is a great way to add texture and/or design in your space to showcase your personality in a bolder way.

Floral | Constellation | Peacock | Geometric | Wall Texture | Interior Style | Peel & Stick


Decorating an RV is the most fun part of a renovation as it brings all that hard work together and makes the RV come to life. We combine the style of our client with our interior design experience and deep understanding of aesthetics. Decor is an opportunity to really make your RV stand out.

Fish Plates | Vase | Mirror | Rug | Pillow | Dispensers | Wall Art | World Map | Eucalyptus | Dove Duo

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